Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shots from the Day - January 14th

It's been a week since I was diagnosed with diabetes and as I told my parents: I'm doing my best to "Lance Armstrong my way through this thing".

It's amazing how a change in diet and some medicine can drop your blood sugar and change the way you feel.
I have more energy now than I've had for months.

I feel terrific.

and of course, this whole thing has got me getting sentimental, stopping to smell roses, listen to my children laugh, and appreciate sunsets.

Today was a great sunset appreciating day.
I managed to row and shoot a bunch of photos, didn't annoy my passengers too much, and a few shots actually look decent.

Here they are:Ready and waiting for my guests.

Heading up into the canals.

Looking South-East with the hills of Newport Coast in the background.

Thanks for checking in, my friends.
It means a lot to me.

Aww, jeez! There I go getting sentimental again!

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Mike C said...

Wishing you the best. Power on Greg.