Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back On Deck

Usually, when I recount an experience that I had on a boat, it's something unusual or extraordinary.

Tonight I had a cruise, I rowed a newly-engaged couple for one hour, under the bright full moon.

In most ways it wasn't very different from hundreds of cruises I've piloted over the last fifteen years.
But there was one thing very different about tonight's row:
I was diabetic...and I knew it.

According to my doctor, I've had diabetes for some time now.
I found out Wednesday night, and things have been crazy, scary, confusing, and hopeful since then.
Sitting with my newly assigned endocrinologist on Friday, I heard about a lot of things I wasn't supposed to eat, drink, or do anymore.
Some of those "new taboos" will be dearly missed.
But I was happy when he told me I could continue my lifelong addiction to coffee, thankful to hear about the things allowed "in moderation", and thrilled when he said that I could exercise as much as I want.
I'm rediscovering all the activities I used to do to keep in shape.
Most importantly, I get to keep rowing.
I'm supposed to row - it keeps me in shape.

Yeah, like I need another reason to row a gondola.

So tonight I rowed, and thanked God for the awesome job I have.
The breeze, the stars, and the moon's reflection on the water were appreciated more by the gondolier than his passengers.
I sang all my favorite songs, including one of the best Nessun Dormas ever.

So for me, tonight's cruise was extraordinary.
I can't wait to row again - gotta stay in shape.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Greg. See you soon in Venice: the Vogalonga is waiting for you!