Monday, January 26, 2009

Photo from 1900

This photo resides on my wall across from my desk.
It dates back to about 1900, and the photo process looks ancient.

I think of it not as a photo as much as an image from a dream.
the way the piece has aged gives the sky a blotchy look - almost like it's full of big stars in the daytime.

The gondolier wears all white, leading me to believe the photo was taken in summertime.
Why is there a child sitting so close to the poppa?
And the tail of the boat almost seems more traghetto than gondola.

Whatever the answers may be, my favorite thing about this image is the position of the gondolier - the way he's leaning into the stroke.
He looks like he might take off into the heavens at any minute.

Then again, he looks like he could be rowing in heaven.


DG Beat said...

It almost looks like the gondolier is looking down at the forcola too.

Anonymous said...

What about that four-fingered gondola ferro? Did anybody find out if that photo was a hoax ro for real?