Monday, January 5, 2009

Finish the Sentence Forum - Drinking in Venice

Here we have another ripe opportunity for everyone to get in some of their wisdom and wisecracks.

I was talking to some friends about which wine to order when in Venice, and it occurred to me that there are so many great things to drink in La Serenissima.

So, amici, finish this sentence:

"When I'm in Venice, I drink..."

I have a feeling I know what some of you will write.
Let's hear it!


They call me "Maximus" said...

When I'm in Venice I drink...
-Lots of water to survive the walking
-Campari Spritz
-Limon Cielo
-Espresso (plenty of sugar)
-Oh yah and lots o VINO!

I've got a good feeling this is a similar list to many other people... One thing I don't drink is the canal water!

Anonymous said...

... water! is good, fresh and you get it for free (from the fountains).

Sean Jamieson said...

...a lot.

René Seindal said...

I drink capuccino, caffé, and spritz, and water with a delicious amarena syrup when I'm out paddling :-)