Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finish the Sentence Follow-Up - Drinking in Venice

Salute to those of you who sent in comments on the beverage forum.

Here are a few I've heard, or think might belong on the list:

"When I'm in Venice, I drink..."

1. Beer. Lots of beer. A whole barge-load of beer!

2. Espresso in a china cup, leaning against the counter and trying to look like one of the locals.

3. The house red (see my post from January 3rd of last year).

4. One of the best things I ever sipped was a “sparlking red” at the rowing club. It was home-made, and amazing.

5. A spritz made with Aperol in the evening before dinner.

6. Cappucino in the evening – just to annoy the locals.

7. Tequila on a Caorlina.

8.Because Venice is so close to Bavaria, I can usually find a really good German beer on tap.
I remember one bar in particular – it’s right next to Bacino Orseolo.

9. Karl Rhunke, who operated gondolas in Miami and other Florida ports for some twenty years, once came back from Venice raving about Pinot Grigio. He said that “all the gondoliers drink it”.

10. Enough to stay hydrated, but not so much that I have to pee a lot while rowing.

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René Seindal said...

"trying to look like one of the locals."

There's a simple test for that. When people start asking you for directions in dialect, you know you've made it :-)

Extra points if you know the answer, and more still if you can answer them in dialect :-)