Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anything for the Shot - Wedding Gondola in the Yard

My Wedding Gondola is out of the water for painting and repair.
We've done a number of things to make sure she's seaworthy for many more years.
Now it's time to paint.
Steve Elkins and I were at the yard today, preparing the boat for paint, and I saw this huge ladder.
The truth is that Steve was doing the prep and I was messing around with the ladder.

It was probably about 25 feet tall, but when I got near the top it felt more like it was 50 feet tall.
But, as Steve put it:
"A good photographer will do anything for the shot".

I'm not sure whether I'm a good photographer, but I climbed that ladder anyway.

Steve is one of my most senior gondoliers, and can sometimes get into a zen-like state when working on gondolas. In the next few days, he and I will roll-and-tip a few fresh coats of black on that Venetian beauty. But in the last two months, Steve has hand-sanded almost every square inch of her in preparation.
Most of our boats get machine-sanded, but this one deserves special care.

Go Steve!

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