Friday, January 16, 2009

Follow Up on Cassandra's First Rowing Lesson

Taking my daughter Cassandra for her first rowing lesson was an experience I'll never forget.

From the minute we got in the car to drive up the coast, things were perfect.
She had almost as fun as I did that day.

We've talked a few times since then and both can't wait to get out on the boat again.
Cassandra's enthusiasm warms my heart and her ability to learn makes me proud.

Here are a few more photos from the day:
Approaching Tyson and Zack on a Dei Rossi gondola.

Tyson shot this as we approached the gondola.

Cassandra rowing into the sunset.

Yeah, I think she had fun.

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Anonymous said...

It takes about 3 years of traning to become a "prima undine" or full-fledged lady gondolier, who is perfect in rowing, singing and sightseeing.

Until then trainees are supposed to wear one or two gloves all the time, depending on how advanced they are ("pair" or "single" level).

As soon as an undine has graduated she will be able to scull pure white gondolas across Neo-Venezia, full of tourists.

A prima undine who tries very hard can become one of the top three, recognized as the "Water Fairies".

The japanese managed to create ARIA, a 50-part TV animation series out of this story (based on a 60 chapter comic book of the same title).