Friday, January 16, 2009

A Gondolier In His Element

One of the things I really enjoy watching is an expert who is totally "in his element".
A perfect example is the gondolier bringing the boat into dock - his dock. By the time I get to see it, he's done it hundreds of times.

When Cassandra and I were rowing the sandolo at Sunset Gondola, we witnessed such a docking.
Tyson came in and "stuck the landing" like it was nothing. I've seen both he and Tim dock there before and it's always the same - like second nature.

Now, the docking at Sunset Gondola isn't profoundly difficult, it was the way Tyson came in at just the right speed, spun the boat with perfect control, and just pushed the gondola into dock.

Tyson and Tim will probably read this and think "what's the big deal?", because they do it every day. But watching it happen, Cassandra and I appreciated how "in his element" the gondolier was.

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