Thursday, January 1, 2009

Into the Gray on New Year's Day

If you've been on the coast of Orange County, California lately, you've seen the fog.
For the past week we've had conditions ranging from a light haze to "pea soup".

Fog does strange things to the light - diffusing it, and effectively "flattening" things visually in certain lighting conditions.

Today I mounted my camera to the tail once again, this time with a big yellow bungee cord (my Boy Scout lashing job last night was "iffy" towards the end).
No long exposures today - just a "high key" setting.

As was the case in years past, New Year's Day on the water was solitary bliss - we had the whole place to ourselves.

Happy New Year my friends - I hope 2009 is profitable, healthy, and happy for you all.


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