Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blog Header Roundup

Now and then I'll choose a new photo to serve as the header of the Gondola Blog.  Here's a short description of the last six images.
Kerschbaum on the Curci
Taken on Valentine's Day of 2011,
this shot was posted at the top of the Gondola Blog on the eve of Valentine's Day of 2012. 
John Kerschbaum wasn't with us this year, so I posted this to let him know we were thinking of him.  The gondola is, of course the "Lucia",
also referred to here as the Curci gondola.

Duck's Eye View - Taken on of 2011, this was one of my more risky shots     (if you consider dangling an expensive camera out over salt water).             This is one of several shots taken using the same method; more can be seen in the "Hanging it Over the Side" post. Getting this shot didn't just involve hanging my camera out on the end of a long bundled tripod, I did so while rowing and trying to outsmart the timer on the camera.

Hat and Prows - photo by Cassandra Mohr.
My daughter has a knack for climbing around and getting interesting angles; sometimes it involves climbing up as high as she can get on the stern of the gondola - such was the case with this shot.  It's not a part of the post, but it was taken on "Girl Scout Day".

Danish Country - I shot this over the bow of Simon and Franco Bognolo's gondola in Denmark.  Simon and I were rowing tandem on a beautiful lake just a short drive from Copenhagen. This photo and a description of my encounter with the boat and her owners are in the post "A Short Row and a Loud Dinner in Denmark".

Waiting for the Start - Tamás Fehér shot this at the 2012 Vogalonga as rowers were ready and waiting for the start.  This was part of the post "Vogalonga 2012 - Before the Start - Part 3" .
Brilliant Colors in Bavaria - Ingo sent me this shot, and I put it up immediately on the post "Vivid Colors in Wörthsee" .  Such photos are almost as timeless as the moments they capture.

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