Thursday, November 8, 2012

One Last Time

Joe Gibbons in Boston sent me this beauty.

photo by Mark J. Hunt

One last cruise,
one last song on the violin,
one last perfect gondola moment on the waters of the Charles River.

That's Charlie (also known as "Carlo" or "Boston Charlie")
rowing, with Lis playing something timeless on the violin.

Joe tells me:
We got our first blast of snow today!! Our boats are now sleeping for the long winter.

Yes, like most gondola operations above a certain lattitude,
the Boston Gondolas are out of the water and tucked in for winter,
but here's how many of the folks who have cruised with Gondola di Venezia will remember things, until next spring when the boats grace the waters of the Esplanade once again.

One last cruise,
one last song,
one last time
(until the next time, of course).

If I know Joe, right about now he's probably firing up a snowmobile and heading out onto that fresh snow.

Thanks for the great photo, Joe.

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