Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gondolier's Forum - "You Won't Believe What I Saw..."

Spend enough time on the back of a gondola and you'll see some great things - proposals, celebrations, and lots of perfect moments - these can actually become commonplace for those of us who are lucky enough to have this job.  Now and then, however, we see something that's rare even for a gondolier - something that sends us trotting up the dock, in a hurry to tell our fellow gondoliers what we saw from the back of our boat.
Sometimes it's something that happened in the boat.
Sometimes it's something on land, or in the water.
I've shared some of my stories here,
I'm interested in hearing about some of yours.

For many of us, the list includes stories of a sexual nature, but I need to keep this site acceptable for all, so please keep that in mind.

So if you've spent some time on the back of a gondola, and have seen some amazing things, share them with us - leave a comment or send me an e-mail at
I'll post a follow-up, depending on the responses that come in.

So tell me, what have you seen?

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Tamás said...

> For many of us, the list includes stories of a sexual nature.

(Scraches head) Haven't seen any gondola with a felze in recent times, except at the Regata Storica.

On the other hand, being a spy satellite imagery analyst is a rather tedious and boring job, so it's welcome when citizens entertain them for free...