Friday, September 14, 2012

Budapest or Bust!

He's at it again.
The living legend, Vittorio Orio has just embarked on another expedition.
This time he's rowing on the Danube from the Austrian capital of Vienna
to Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
The solo rowing adventure began this morning and will cover 300 kilometers and should garner some good press attention for gondolas, Venice,
and of course Vittorio's charity sponsor.

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Bravo Vittorio!


Tamás said...
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Tamás said...


I actually live in Budapest, Hungary, so I shall see this venture by Mr. Vittorio Orio in person, if work schedule permits!

Looks like he is lucky, the accident damage problem with the slovaks' hydro-electric dam on the Danube (located about half-way between Vienna and Budapest) now appears to be solved. He should have no problem passing the lock / shiplift, provided the backlog of barge traffic clears soon.

Anyhow, when Mr. Orio arrives, he should scull down on the Danube to the southern part of Buda (11th district). It is an easy to recognize location, because of the red coloured bridge that crosses the river.

There is a half-mile long triangular shaped bay located on the western riverbank, which he should see. It's called the "Lagymanyosi Obol / Kopaszi gat" and has recently been rebuilt into a really nice public recreational area, e.g. many couples go there for wedding photography. (Boat entry via its southmost tip.)

I think that is the only pace worthy of receiving a gondola in the entire Budapest city and always wonder why it has no servizio gondole? I'd love to see a gondola there, even if it's just a one-time event!

Bye, Tamas Feher from Hungary.

Tamás said...

"Un viaggio ideale tra la statua del giovane Danubio della fontana del Palazzo dell’Albertina al vecchio che troneggia sulla fontana Danubius di piazza Engels nella capitale magiara, sui passi del Claudio Magris di Danubio (1986), l’opera più conosciuta nel mondo dell’autore triestino."

This is somewhat suprising, since the Danubius sculpted fountain is not located immediately on the east shore of the Danube, but maybe 1000 paces inland in Pest.

By the way, the site where the fountain stands is no longer called "Engels te'r" but is now "Erzse'bet te'r" (because Engels the old commie theorist fell out of political favour since 1990.)

Tamás said...

> "He [Mr. Orio] should have no problem passing the lock / shiplift."

Lord Jesus, I shall make no forecasts from now on!

Tamás said...

Austrian media reports Mr. Orio has reached Esztergom town in Hungary on Monday, but won't arrive at Budapest until Wednesday due to the strong south-wind.

Tamás said...


Mr. Vittorio Orio's estimated arrival at the Wiking Yacht Club's Budapest Hajogyari sziget port is 2012.09.19 11:00-11:30 CET (about 60-90 minutes from now).