Friday, September 14, 2012

Riviera Fiorita

photo by Nereo Zane

Last weekend a bunch of people and boats gathered inland for a traditional event known as the "Riviera Fiorita", something I hope to participate in one day.
Nereo has posted photos from the 2012 edition at "Riviera Fiorita 2012".
As you can see from the photos, lots of rowing clubs were there, rowing some amazing boats.

I could attempt to describe it all, but really, Erla did it best with this post from a previous Riviera Fiorita:
Brenta: the “flowered riviera”.

We think of events in the Veneto and most of us just think about Regata Storica and Vogalonga, but there are many other great traditional activities to witness or take part in.

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Hi Greg, thank you so much for the post. I made available a short video too at