Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Ritual

photos by Cassandra Mohr 
Lately I've been brushing twice a day,
Once in the morning and again in the late evening before bed.
Sometimes I'll brush in the afternoon as well.
Yes, I do like to brush my teeth regularly, and often more than my dentist recommends, but the ritual I described above is my varnishing ritual.

As a gondola operator, I always have things that need varnishing,
and this time of year is downright perfect for it.
I've got a stand set up in the backyard, and after breakfast I'll step out there with my coffee and brush a coat on.
Later, after the morning coat is ready to be brushed over,
I'll wipe things down with thinner and brush on the next coat.

Varnishing is surprisingly therapeutic, and when I can't be home to brush on a coat, I start thinking about whether what I'm doing is important or not.
As the weather turns and I can't continue, I know I'll miss the zen of it.

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staff said...

Congrats Cassandra!!! The third shot is really GREAT. Nereo