Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On a Mission

photo by Tamás Fehér

On the morning of the 2012 Vogalonga, Tamás caught two shots of this guy, rowing solo, and in a hurry.
On any other day we could speculate at length about where this guy might be rowing, but seeing as it was taken just a few minutes before the starting cannon was set to fire, I think it's a fair guess that he was on his way to take part in the Vogalonga.  He was probably on a mission to get there on time.

He's rowing a great little boat, but some questions linger.
We can see an extra remo and forcole on the floor of the boat.
1. Is he in a hurry because there's a forward rower waiting for him somewhere?
2. Was there supposed to be a forward rower, and now he's late because they never showed up?
3. is he planning on rowing in the crossed-oar "valesana" style -
waiting to set up the second forcola once he's out of the city?

Whether he was rowing solo (single or double oar),
or going with a partner, he chose a great boat for the adventure.
And I hope he had an enjoyable Vogalonga.


René Seindal (Venice Kayak) said...

He is rowing away from San Marco,not towards that starting area.

Gondola Greg said...

Thanks René for pointing that out.
So now I wonder if he's either:
A. lost
B. heading the other way to pick up his forward rower
C. given up because he has no forward rower
or ???

staff said...

He's going back home: he forgot the bottle of red sparklin wine!

fabienhaas said...

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