Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Regata Maciarele

photos by Nereo Zane

The "Little Fish" in Venetian rowing are not only a fun and heartwarming thing to see, they are also the future of the sport.
These are the kids.  They have the good fortune of growing up in the Veneto and learning from masters.
I've said it many times:
If there is ever an international competition in voga-alla-veneta, the Italians (that means Venetians) will wipe the floor with everyone else.
Peruse the photos of this post and you'll see why.
In 2008 I posted "The Little Fish" about the Maciarele regata that year.
These images are from the 2011 edition of the same regata.
Lucky for us, Nereo Zane was on hand to capture some of the action with his Nikon.

One of the biggest proponents of youth rowing in the lagoon is Bepi Suste.  Having won nearly every regata in the region, Bepi is an expert on all things related to the sport.  I had the honor of rowing with him on the expedition down the Hudson in 2007 - exactly four years ago this week.
Organizing an event like this is no small task. 
I can imagine that just getting all the boats into position is an undertaking.
"Little Fish" stand ready for the starting signal.

Once they get a few strokes out, the boats are moving and the kids can get competetive.
Here are three shots of some of the action.

The Maciarele don't just show up to row at this one event.
See "Maciarele Video" to read about, and link to a video clip on these energetic vogatori taking stage on the Grand Canal last year in August.

In alzo i remi!

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