Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alessandro from Overhead

photos by Emilia Mirazchiyska

Emilia sent me a few more photos of the gondolier Alessandro de Zorzi of the traghetto San Tomà.
She writes:
Ciao Greg,
ecco ancora 3 foto che ho fatto dal ponte quando abbiamo visto per la prima volta la gondola di Alessandro.
Il rio e' Rio de San Boldo
Now that we have a few overhead shots of Alessandro's boat, we can take a closer look.

A lot of gondolas have a "red theme" - with fllorboards and other areas accented in red.
Alessandro's boat has blue instead.
Floorboards are a "sky blue" hue, the shield atop the trasto-da-prova has a blue detail, and he's even got a blue EU flag flying.                        As the gondolier spots Emilia and her friends, he calls up to them.  In keeping with the blue theme, he's got a nice tapeto (carpet) on the poppa deck, complete with yellow trim, and what looks like a cloth draping from the seat-back - in a blue tapestry pattern.
Alessandro even has a blue hat ribbon,
which I'm sure Giuliana Longo is happy to see.
Ciao Allesandro - you and your gondola look great.
Thanks for the photos, Emilia.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to look for Sig. Blu next time I'm in Venice!