Friday, October 21, 2011

Orange County Business Journal Article

photo by Alison White
Earlier this year my company entered a contest with American Airlines.
Some of you were curious enough to follow us through the process,
and many of you were gracious enough to give us your time and effort,
and vote us up to the top five.

Again, thank you for that - it means more to me than you may know.

As you know, we didn't take the top prize, but the folks who did certainly were a great choice.

Through it all, I'd hoped that maybe we might see some additional press attention and here's a good example of that hope being realized.
Gondola Adventures, Inc. is the focus of an article in the Orange County Business Journal.
Go to this link
and flip through to page A16.
I've said it for the longest time:
"A gondola operation outside Venice is often the 'best kept secret' in it's city".
Thanks go out to the folks at American Airlines and Orange County Business Journal for helping us as we work to overcome that.

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