Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All That Shoving Worked!

For starters.THANK YOU!

Thank you all for voting for Gondola Adventures, Inc. in the American Airlines "Flights.Camera.Action" contest.  In my post "Give me a Shove" 
I explained that my video submission had made it to the semi-finals,
in a field of fifty competitors. 
The top five were chosen by on-line voting...
and we made it!

In a few days Elisa and I will fly to D.C. (on American Airlines, of course) to attend the awards banquet.
We share the field with four very worthy entries.
Some of the competitors are making huge differences for great causes. 
It wouldn't be terrible if one of them won, and were able to change the world even more.  Then again, if we win, I sure won't be complaining.

Some of you told me you were voting, while others did so without my knowledge. It was truly a case of "with a little help from my friends",
and so I say it again:

Thanks to you all for voting, and for reading the Gondola Blog.

To see the official press release, go to:
"Flights.Camera.Action contest top 5 finalists"

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staff said...

glad to know that! Good luck in Washington D.C.