Sunday, September 4, 2011

The One Day

I am a "gondola fanatic".
Emphasis on the "fanatic" part.
Many of you who read this are "gondola fanatics" as well,
and I enjoy your company quite a bit. 
After all, my fellow fanatics are the only ones who really understand me.

Football fans have their Superbowl.
Formula One lovers have the Indy 500.
We've got Regata Storica.

When my family and I moved to a new home about seven years ago I chose Dish Network instead of cable because they're the only US company who carries RAI (the Italian network).
We had an extra dish installed to capture the signal.
Yep - fanatic.

And every few months my wife says something like:
"Honey, are you sure you want to keep paying extra money for that Italian channel?"
and I always say yes.
Often I'll watch news and other shows on RAI to try and keep fresh on my Italian, but it's really all about one day - today.

The "Historic Regata" is today.

Over the years I've posted plenty about this event, and to avoid repeating myself, I'll simply say that if you want to learn more about it, search "Regata Storica" here on the Gondola Blog.

I've set the DVR to record the whole thing, and it will get watched to death for the next few months.

I would be remiss if I didn't also publicly thank both Nereo Zane and Tamás Fehér for sending me recordings over the years, of the famous Regata Storica.
The recorded versions I've received from them have usually been better and more complete than the RAI feed we get here.  Sometimes my RAI feed doesn't show Regata Storica, so those recordings from friends have been so appreciated.

Today's the day, the one day.
I'll be snacking on my couch, in my favorite rowing club jersey, sipping a glass of vino rosso, and wishing I was there.

Maybe I will year.

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