Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just the Photo - "Docking at the Danieli"

photo by Tamás Fehér
Venice has many famous hotels, but none are as iconic,
as world-renowned, as the Danieli.
Here's a view from the water of a gondolier rowing in to moor in front of the famous hotel.
Not a bad place to work.

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Tamás said...

This building is also mysterious a bit. The exact years of its construction are not known, probably in the 1390s. It is also unknown which branch of Dandolos built it, because of the many ownership changes throughout the centuries.

> Not a bad place to work

Except this was the very place where a motorboat or nave passing too close managed to swap a loaded gondola this August.

The gondoliers who work there are completely exposed to moto ondoso in the open basin of San Marco, but the view must be splendid, indeed!