Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Later

photo by Nereo Zane
I sat and listened recently, as a very talented Navajo musician sang a song about 9-11 that said,
among other things:
"where were you when the world stopped spinning".

Ten years ago today, the world woke up and saw things change forever. We learned more about the depth of both good and evil in mankind.

I remember someone on the news a few days later said, that we were "all New Yorkers now".

Firemen have always received and deserved admiration, but I don't think anyone can look at them the same way again.  They truly are heroes.

Bitterness, in a situation such as this, is a natural step in the process, but it must not become our new "normal".

If the enemy manages to make you forever unhappy,
then the enemy has won.

We will never forget,
but we must continue to live,
and live in a way that shines a light on the faces of tyrants and terrorists.

"Nolite Oblivisci"

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