Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Colors on the Eve of Autumn

I love September and October in Southern California.
Things start to cool down,
people start to calm down (especially the party people that are unavoidable when you're near the beach),
and the world seems to be more colorful.
The trees start to show their various hues ranging from crimson to canary.
And crunchy leaves fall to the ground - just begging to be stepped on.

Tonight's sunset on the water was glorious,
but the colors that followed were out-of-this-world.
The above photo was shot four hours ago (from the time of this post),
and it has not been altered.
What you see is what we saw.

As we were cruising along - looking at this sky that defied description,
I reached for my camera and one of my passengers said:
"I'll bet you never get tired of this, do you?"
"It never gets old" I said, and then I snapped this picture.

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