Monday, September 12, 2011

Full-Contact Gondoliering

On August 30th this video was posted, and started making the rounds among gondoliers. 

Naturally, it was the topic of some lively discussions in the traghetti and among gondoliers in Venice. 

But because it showed up on Facebook, and because most gondoliers outside Venice have Facebook friends in Venice,
it made the rounds in other places too.

I'd like to tell you that I managed to to get the clip posted here on the blog, but sometimes it's not that easy with videos on certain social media sites.

So until I can outsmart Facebook (which is highly unlikely),
take a look at it here.
And if you don't have a Facebook account (insert wisecrack here).
Seriously, if you don't have an account, chances are someone you know does, and would get a kick out of showing you the video.

I've talked to a few people about the clip, and what went on that day,
but I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

So share your comments below.
Chances are good that many of you have felt the urge to do what the guy did in the video.
Was it right?
Should he have done it?
Would YOU have done it?


Tamás said...

The video is visible without login here by scrolling down a little to "guerriero divino".

There someone alleges it was a staged scene created for "viral marketing" purposes.

The idea to put cable around the cavalli does not make sense to me. I would assume those castings are rather thin, pricey and not meant to be abused in such a way?

BTW, maybe someone should publish a book "Illustrated self-defence guide for gondoliers"?

DG Beat said...

Whoa! I couldn't tell if it was real or fake, funny or serious. If it was serious I think it was unprofessional, but I don't know the situation.

Bepi Venexiano said...

El xe un orso, fio mio, nol sel diverte elo, e nol vol che se divertimento gnanca nu.


Tamas, Si, cavalli are pricey and not meant to be abused, but it would take hammer blows to injure one.