Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fence, Meet Gondolier!

photo by Cassandra Mohr
Walking around downtown Hollywood today, I notice this corner of a wrought-iron fence that was really causing problems for some people,
so I did what needed to be done, and bent it back a little.
Some people were surprised to see such a display of strength,
but you know how it is...gondoliers are good at solving problems.


DG Beat said...

Ha! That's awesome.

Sean Jamieson said...

You know you're gonna have to pay for that.


What are doing walking around Hollywood in stripes?

Manuel Labor said...

My first initial impression was if he looked hurt. The fence is bent the wrong way which is unnatural.
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Hans Braun said...

I'm 99% certain that the fence was damaged by a car accident and he is posing. Because it would require and insane amount of force and there are multiple parts of the fence bending that are not touching him/his shoulder where he's applying the force.