Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blog Header Roundup - Winter, Spring, Summer

V-Day Sunset
Now and then I find myself out on the water during a perfect sunset.  
Most of the time I just soak up the moment. But on this night, 
in mid-February, I handed the camera to my passengers and asked one of them to snap off a shot.

 Five Guys
This one was shot at the Sunset Gondola get-together on April 6th, 2011.
From left to right:
Sean Jamieson - owner of The Gondola Company in Coronado, Me, Andrew McHardy, Kent Dexter, and Mike Bixler.
Traghetto in Monochrome
This photo sat atop the Gondola Blog forever.
The timelessness of a traghetto, coupled with a black-and-white image grew on me, and it seemed perfect for the blog.  I shot this in Venice in 2009 on a perfect afternoon, with the Rialto behind me.
Return to Venice
On July 5th, I threw this one up as a teaser for the  Puparin-in-Venice posts. The next day "Ina With Stripes" went up until the Venice, California post was posted. There is so much history in Abbot Kinney's Venice. It was an honor, and a rare privilege to row with Tim Reinard on his pupparin on her last day on the canals of Venice, California. To read more, check out Rowing in the "Other Venice".

Ina with stripes
This one popped up for about 18 hours while I was warming up for the Venice, California.
The original image was a photo of Ina Mierig in Hamburg, Germany.
You'll definitely see this one at the top of the Gondola Blog again in the future.

Over the Side - Sunset Skies
Hanging your camera over the water, clipped to the end of a tripod can be a nervous affair.
Using the timer feature allows full extension.
Try doing it while rowing - remo in one hand, extended but bundled tripod in the other, and you have to make numerous attempts to get something decent.  In between the decent ones (and all the missfires), you get a few real "keepers".
This was one of five images featured in my post Hanging it Over the Side.


Il Paradosso said...

That sunset was one of the most magnificent I've ever witnessed. I took several photos myself that day.

The Traghetto is one of my favorite shots. I love the beauty of it's lines, simpler and less showy than a Gondola. A real work boat.

Stephanie Williams said...

Greg! I'm a Cali native, bringing my Missouri native/Italian girlfriend on vacation in Cali this week. I was thinking of taking her on a little ride under the full moon this weekend. Since I've been around the area before I'm unsure of Huntington Harbour's aesthetic appeal during any time of day to someone who didn't see it everyday... know what I mean? I grew up primarily in Palm Springs and never noticed how gorgeous it could be until I left and returned! But she has been to Europe before and I didn't want to feel too silly planning an event like this. The place I was looking at is called "Sunset Gondola" and was wondering if you had any advice or feedback about the place and it's services? We're a goofy couple who can have fun anywhere but I thought I'd ask. Anything would be helpful. Also, some of the photographs you've captured are amazing! THX and happy rowing! :)

Gondola Greg said...

Hi Stephanie.
Sunset Gondola does a terrific job, and the harbor is nice from a gondola. If you search the Gondola Blog you'll find lots of photos from Huntington Harbour, you'll also find that I'm one of their biggest fans. :-)