Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sandolo and Gondolas

photos by Chris Clarke
To an entomologist, any picture of a bug is interesting.
For someone who longs to visit Tahiti, every picture taken there is fascinating.
So when Chris Clarke said he'd share some of the photos he'd taken in Venice, I knew I'd be interested, and fascinated by each and every one of them.
In this series of images, we see a few gondolas cruising by a passenger sandolo moored canal-side.

 In a close-up of the sandolo, we can see the contrast between varnished wood and black paint.  We see the subtle assymetry in her hull. 
The decorated aft-edge of the trasto da prua is more significant because there's no portela. 
Also, from this one angle, we get a glimpse into the storage are just ahead of the rower - where he keeps his bucket and other supplies to keep her looking perfect.

A wider view reveals a couple enjoying the day and the view, while sitting on a step near the sandolo.  Are they waiting for the owner of that sandolo, or did they just find a nice place to sit to enjoy a snack?

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Il Paradosso said...

Wow! Never seen an asymmetrical sandolo before. I like.