Monday, August 29, 2011

Flipped Floorboards

photos by Chris Clarke

There are a few logical reasons why someone would systematically flip over all of the floorboards in a Venetian boat.

The person who maintains her may have done so to allow the bilge to dry.
Simply tipping them up in place, with a slight turn will often achieve the same goal.
But then everyone's got their preferences.

Perhaps the floorboards were getting some algae or moss growing underneath, so they got a good scrubbing and were flipped
to allow them to dry.

They are upside down; a close look at the inside ends of the rib notches will attest to it.

Maybe they got flipped over by a drunk boat owner?

Or maybe some kids were looking to play a joke on the owner of the boat.

I suppose the boat was just sold and the new owner hadn't yet figured out how the floor pieced together.

Anybody else got a good explanation?

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staff said...

The real explanation is that one must have the will to reposition the floorboards (and have to know how) letting the bilge to dry.
It's usual on our boats at GSVVM. Nereo