Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Jürgen

photo shamelessly stolen from

Happy birthday to One of Germany's best gondoliers.
Jürgen Riegel operates gondolas in Bamberg - a city in Bavaria with lots of history.

We've seen Jürgen here on the Gondola Blog before. 
He's got a very unique canopy in the post "The 'Old Ford' Felze".

In the post "Gondola activity in Germany" we see some images of gondola activity on the water in Bamberg.

And last year about this time, a few of Germany's gondoliers traveled to Venice to be involved with Uwe Kunze's acquisition of a gondola before bringing her to Germany - here's a shot taken with Jürgen rowing as they visited a capitello: "German Gondoliers at the Capitello".

Happy birthday Jürgen!

Have a rauchbier for me.


this message was shamelessly recycled from last year, because I was running out the door and didn't want to give Jürgen a wimpy post.  :o)

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