Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Quackers

I thought I'd follow up yesterday's post about birds I don't like
(the kind that drop poop from the sky), with a post about birds I do like.

No, it's not "duck week" here on the Gondola Blog,
I just thought it might be nice to balance things out. 

A while back I snapped this shot of a momma duck leading her babies across the canal.
They crossed in front of my gondola, probably worried they might get run over, but I'd never run over ducks - especially the tiny ones.

This momma had her work cut out for her with what I think were a dozen little ones.
Here's a close-up:

Everyone I take out on the gondola loves ducks.
Many wish they could feed them, but I tell them not to worry because the ducks in Newport have "mastered the art of looking cute enough to get a free lunch", and they have.
I know one gondolier who brings a box of cereal out on the boat for his passengers to feed the ducks.  I'd like to do the same, but I always seem to have more important things to worry about as cruise times approach.

Ducks, I love 'em,
and so does Roberto in New Orleans (see "AFLAC").

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