Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NOLA in the News

New Orleans gondolier Robert Dula has a great story, and finally it has been told in a way other than over the phone or after dinner with coffee among friends.
Check out:
"Water and Wind: An interview with Robert Dula of NOLA Gondola".


Tamás said...

It looks like an american specialty to be able to start again so many times AND others not losing faith that you will succeed eventually, after so many starts and falls.

Europeans would have switched to agriculture or clerk desk halfway into the ordeal.

Gondola Greg said...

Yes, Roberto is a hearty guy who doesn't just quit.
And he HASN'T lost faith in himself. Impressive.
Each location he's operated in has had its challenges (this is normal for gondola operators), but in Roberto's case those challenges included multiple hurricanes and a leaky lake. And these weren't little storms - Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster on an enormous scale. At one point this guy was rescued by helicopter from the roof of a building as the water was rising around it.
Best part of the story...he was wearing his striped shirt at the time.
Is Roberto an example of American guts and tenacity? I hope so.
But I think the truth is that he's got those tough and unflinching qualities in higher amounts than most folks.

gondolaguy said...

Thanks, Greg.... I don't believe I would have ever made it, without support and encouragement from people such as you and Joe Gibbons. My hat's off to y'all!! :)