Friday, April 27, 2012

Scrappy in Mestre

I love basketball.
Oh no, I don't love playing basketball.
In fact I'd probably make a great case-study in how not to play basketball.

But after years of watching it, I've become a fairly astute fan of the game.
And while I really enjoy watching professional games,
sometimes the most fun games to watch are the college matches.

As the college season draws to a close, and the final contenders clash in what we call "March Madness",
some of the best games of basketball are played.
Why are they so great:
because these college players are the pros of tomorrow,
because they may only get one shot at this,
but most of all, the reason I love college games,
is because they're scrappy.

Pros measure their moves, and pace themselves (sometimes a little too much), but those who are up-and-coming will abandon rational thought and just go for it.
They're scrappy.

This week Nereo Zane was lucky enough to be on hand for a regata in Mestre.  The competition was a "cronometro" or time-trial competition.  And while they weren't able to grind rails  and swear at each other,
the participants gave it their all, and showed us good examples of how, and how not to navigate around a float bouy.

And then there's the popier who gets acquainted with a tree branch,
yeah, if I were in that regata, that would have been me.
Kudos to that rower for getting back up and rowing.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back,
and enjoy the view from Nereo's boat in "Regate in Canal Salso".

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