Thursday, April 19, 2012

Capturing that "Perfect Moment"

photo by Cassandra Mohr

I've said many times before that as gondoliers,
we specialize in creating "perfect moments". (also see "It's the Moments" )

Some moments are more important than others, especially ones
where a guy asks what may be the biggest question he'll ever ask.

Special arrangements were made for this cruise,
and the main goal was to capture that moment
so the couple could share it, keep it, and cherish it.

I'd say it was a success, as our photographer caught not only the message in a bottle sequence, not only the proposal,
but this priceless moment in time - a moment that our couple will remember with a smile for the rest of their lives.

Man! I love my job.

A twelve image collection can be seen on the Gondola Adventures, Inc. facebook page through this link.

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