Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ending with Color

Get in your car anywhere in southern California these days,
and if you're more than a few miles from the beach,
chances are that it's hot - hot in April,
and getting hotter in the coming months.

It's no surprise that so many people feel the need to head towards the coast these days.
As the summer approaches, we'll see more and more of it.
The roads and freeways leading to Newport get congested with folks trying to escape the heat.
They seek relief, and they get it,
although not always in a way they expected.

You see, as you get within a mile or two of the ocean,
things cool down because of something called the "marine later".
We also call it the "June gloom", even though it doesn't seem to want to wait until June or leave as July comes.

Today was a "marine layer" day.  The air was cool, the humidity was just perfect for human lungs, and while it wasn't the sunny beach scene alot of people would expect, it was perfectly serene from my perspective.

One drawback of this weather feature is the lack of color;
no blue overhead and no reds, oranges and yellows at sunset. 
On top of that, the low cloud cover seems to "gray-out" everything,
all day. 

Now and then we have a burst of color on marine layer days as the sun drops below the blanket.
That happened tonight, and as an added bonus,
the sky above began to clear,
and everyone forgot about how the day had been devoid of color.

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