Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gondola activity in Germany

Our friend and Bavarian gondolier Ingo Stahl, has once again sent some great photos from Germany.

Ingo operates his gondola in Wörthsee - in the lakes region of Bavaria in southern Germany. For winter, he brought his gondola up to Bamberg, where another gondolier, Jürgen Riegel runs his own gondola operation.
I'm told that
Jürgen has set up a sort of mini-squero there in Bamberg, with three gondolas being worked on through the cold months.

Soon Ingo will bring his gondola out to Nürnberg where each year, they have a "Venetian market". A number of gondoliers row their gondolas there on the little river Pegnitz in what's kown as the "Medieval Center". After that, Ingo and his gondola will return home to Wörthsee for what promises to be a great season.

Ingo Stahl's website is:

Jürgen Riegel's website is:

and you can visit the site for the Venetian Market at:

Some day I hope to get out there and see it all for myself - it sounds fantastic.

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