Monday, September 13, 2010

SUP Eclipse

Out on the water tonight, I noticed a stand-up-paddler (SUP) coming under the Newport Blvd. bridge. I snapped off a few shots and caught one with him in just the right spot.
I call this shot the "SUP Eclipse".
I especially like how you can see the guy's shadow on the water.

Then we presed on towards the canals and enjoyed having the whole place to ourselves.


staff said...

There was a crowded group of SUPs in Venice during the Regata Storica event. I took some shots of them. (please visit )

Tamás said...

Yes, some SUP guys and girls fitted out on the canal besides the Frari Church, a few photos sent to Greg on CD.

BTW, I wonder if a surfboard fitted with a lightweight forcola would be a practical means of transport?

Bepi Venexiano said...

Nice photos, one is like the endless summer poster.