Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunset Get-Together in September - the Postable Group Shot

Each time we gather at Sunset Gondola for an evening of fun and camaraderie, we take a photo of everybody together at the rail. The "group shot" as we call it, tends to bring out some interesting personality traits from some people. For instance, just about every one we've taken features John Synco holding his cup the same way - it's his trademark.

A group shot is also a great way to keep track of who was there. In fact I'm told that some people have been known to print out my group shots and post them on their walls - I'm honored to know someone would give my photos a place of honor like that.

So here's a special collector's edition of the group shot.
I had everyone line up semi-Madness style so it's easier to tell who was there.
From left to right, here are the "usual suspects" along with some new faces. First names only this time to protect anyone there who might possibly have been innocent.
Greg, Ian, Nick, Mark, Tim, Dawn, Trish, John, Andrew, Peter, Jennifer, Catherine, Rachel and Erin.

As you can see, different people reveal their various personalities when the camera shutter snaps. Peter Dever deserves special mention here for his inventive style of pants-wearing. Yes, I can think of a few walls that this photo would look great on.

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DG Beat said...

Ha! I think Ian is upset that he didn't think of Peter's pose first.