Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunset Get-Together in September - As Night Falls

Last night's gathering at Sunset Gondola was unique, just as they all are, with some of the "usual suspects" mixed with a few new faces. With gondola people,
a boring conversation is almost impossible.

As the big hand of the clock swung around, more friends arrived. The sun gave it's last rays and and the Earth spun us into night.

Trish catches up with Peter, Jennifer smiles, Andrew thinks about switching from ukelele to guitar.

Here's a quick sweep with my video camera, taken as the evening developed:

John uncorks a nice bottle of red.

Dawn smiles while "Basso" checks for bugs in his prosecco.

Another video sweep:

Nico showed up a while later and picked up his guitar to play.

As gondoliers in Southern California, we love the job.
Rowing a boat out into a protected waterway on a beautiful evening is great. Seeing couples out to celebrate or get engaged is awesome.
Almost all gondoliers enjoy such things.
But the benefit to being in this corner of the world,
is that we get to hang out from time to time.
And with nine companies in this half of the state,
there are a lot of guys out there to hang out with.

Andrew finally picked up that guitar and plucked out this little gem as we were gathering for the group photo.

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