Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Regata Storica 2010 - Emilia's Blog

For some good photos from this year's Regata Storica, take a look at Emilia's blog.
I expect that we will see some more views from Nereo Zane soon too.


emilia said...

Thanks, Greg!
If you want you can use some my pictures from la Regata storica 2010 in your blog.

staff said...

Hi all,
a new post is up with a selection of 16 shots on
Another group of shots will come available today afternoon. I understand you all are waiting for my (great) photos, unfortunately I can use only one hand (the left) right now so be patient.

staff said...

Another post is up on Gondola Solidale with 19 great shots of Regata dele maciarele. Enjoy!!!