Monday, September 6, 2010

Bandiera Blu

As usual, many interesting and exciting things happened in this year's Regata Storica. I wasn't able to be there this year, but Nereo Zane had the good fortune of seeing and photographing much of the action from a caorlina on the water. In the days to come, I expect he'll be posting up some of his best images on his blog.
There is one piece of news I'd like to share here though:
Luigina Davanzo and Vally Zanella (members of the GSVVM) rowed in a violet boat in the mascareta race, winning the bandiera blu (blue flag) and making all of us GSVVM members proud with a strong fourth place finish.

Be sure to check out Nere's blog and leave him some great comments.

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Tamás said...

This is a medium lenght reporting of this year's RSV 2010 race, in italian.