Sunday, September 5, 2010

Regata Storica 2010

In case you haven't been keeping track of the date, today in Venezia, the annual Regata Storica takes place.

If you get a satellite feed of RAI TV, you might be able to catch it, various webcams in Venice offer glimpses of it - try for instance, the one at Locanda Sturion.

The image above is from the post "Regata Storica - Webcam Images and RAI". And while most webcams only provide periodic snaps - it's still neat to see things unfold on one of the biggest days of the year in La Serenissima.

Then again, if you are one of the lucky souls who get to experience it first-hand, please send photos or video.

For a good idea of the visuals on the big day, search "Regata Storica" here on the Gondola Blog - Nereo Zane has provided some amazing photos of both the parade and the races in years past.

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Tamás said...

I was lucky to be there with a single-day trip, arrived home just an hour ago. Probably not too many good photos of RSV 2010 though, because I arrived too late to secure a good place on the pier.

This year's regatta had gondolino 2-men race drama, just like last year. The event occured right in front of the Calle della Madonetta pier, where I stood, but I can't claim to fully understand what happened.