Monday, September 27, 2010

Resting Traghetto

photo by Tamás Fehér
 Tamás shot these two images of a traghetto boat at the San Marcuola servizio.  These boats have been ferrying passengers across the Grand Canal for centuries.  Some gondola service locations don't have one of these boats - the ones who do are often referred to as traghetti.  A gondola da traghetto, or simply "traghetto" could be described as a heavy-duty, robustly built gondola.  When compared to a standard gondola, a traghetto is built like a tank, and understandably so - they take loads of passengers and endure punishing foot traffic. 
This one seems to be "off for siesta".
I guess even traghetto boats need rest now and then.


Bob Easton said...

For people who have never seen these in action, a picture of a crossing would be interesting.

Unlike the usual gondola where the passengers all assume seats, everyone STANDS in a traghetto.One can pack more people in that way and the trip across the canal is usually too short to take time to sit down and then get up .

STANDING says a lot for their stability. Try that in one of my narrow canoes! :)

staff said...

If you want you're allowed to sit: that's what turists usually do.