Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Jousting" in Paris

jousting images by Cassandra Mohr

During my visit to Paris last year, my family and I spent some time in Sevres visiting Vogaveneta Paris. We received a warm welcome and great hospitality from Richard Winckler, who showed us around and explained many of the unique details of the rowing club.

Richard took the time to show off all the different vessels there and tell some interesting stories about the origins of each boat.

A sailing component is part of the operation there; Richard introduced us to the concept of "jousting" - small sailboat style.

Talking about jousting in front of the "Vogalonga wall"

I must confess that I'm not much of a sailor and have yet to try this type of "jousting", but as I understand it, you get your boats out on the water and take runs at each other with one guy on the bow of each boat holding a pole with a boxing glove on the end of it.
Really, how could that not be fun?

Boxing gloved jousting poles.

The guy with the joust also gets to carry a shield of sorts.  It's not quite like the one Sir Lancelot might have brandished, but it'll do alright against a boxing glove.

Richard breaks out a shield.

After hearing a few tales of on-the-water jousting, I had to at least pick one up and swing it around the boat house.

Grabbing one "by the glove".

Richard demonstrated the best jousting posture and then he and I squared off.
it was a lot of fun and I can see how much more exciting it can be with sailboats.

Squaring off.

Laughing afterward.

Many thanks to Richard Winckler and Vogaveneta Paris.
To read more about the Paris club mentioned here, check out my post from July entitled "Bastille Day".

I can't help but wonder about jousting on the water with mascaretas.
Anyone up for that?

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