Tuesday, August 31, 2010


photo by Garrett Budwine
The craftsmen who work in a squero (gondola yard) are known as "squerarioli".
Garrett caught this image of one such person in the shop at Squero San Trovaso. These guys perform all sorts of different tasks.
Anyone want to guess what this guy does?


Anonymous said...

Short answer: He works on Gondolas.

Highly specific answer: He's wrapping some sandpaper aound a sanding block.

Intermediate answer: dunno. It looks like he has some sanding to do somewhere around the tràsto da pòpe. Maybe that unfinished piece of wood laying near the tràsto piccolo is a clue? However, it doesn't look like any particular part of a gondola. Maybe it's a pattern?

Your answer?

Bob Easton

Bepi Venexiano said...

Old gondola, a template or measure, sanding blocks,clean clothes and hands. Then there is what looks like a curved plainer (or cordless phone) and another sanding block both laying on a painted piece of wood.
The only place I have seen any notched wood like the "template" is a calcagno at the base of the "Asti Di Poppa".