Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gondolino in for Service

Walking the GSVVM property, I came across this orange and blue gondolino in for repair.

Ahh, now that's a real shop:
stuff everywhere, spiderwebs overhead, wood shavings underfoot, and a boombox nailed to the wall. The only thing missing is a bottle of red wine on the workbench.


Tamás said...

Dear All, if someone has a little chance to visit the Regata Storica this year, what do you recommend:

Stay until the end of the last gondola race or leave earlier so as not to miss the flight home?

To catch the aircraft the person would need to be at Treviso Canova Airport by 20:20pm, 05 Sept 2010.

Do you think that is possible? Can he wait until the end of the last race or it has a risk being late if he doesn't leave Venezia earlier?

Is there normal train traffic from FS Santa Lucia Station in the evening after the Regata Storica?
(I read Venezia SL -> Treviso is about 35-40 minutes by train under normal cicumstances.)

Finally, which is the best fondamenta to position yourself for watching the boat procession and races?

Thanks in advance!

Gondola Greg said...

Hey Tamas, check out Emilia's blog (, a while back she talked a bout some of the better places to view the Regata Storica from.
If you're going to be there - I WANT PHOTOS :o)

Unknown said...

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