Monday, August 9, 2010

New Lamps in Texas

photos by Matthew Schenk

We recently had new lighting installed at our location in Irving, Texas.
My manager out there, Matt Schenk has done wonders in both boat maintenance and operations management. Matt called me a while back and said that we needed some better lighting on the docks there. We looked at some of the styles he'd researched, and chose the one you see in these photos. It's not exactly like what we see in Piazza San Marco, but I think it looks great. It's also a lot better than the typical white plastic geometric disappointments usually seen on docks.

It's August in Texas, which means they're experiencing more heat and humidity now. We find that in the warmer months, our clients tend to book cruises later in the evening when things have cooled down a bit.
Now is the time to have good lighting.

Good lighting not only makes for better visibility,
it enhances the mood and overall experience for passengers as they board.

Two uniquely different boats stand ready for boarding,
bathed in the light of a new lamp.

Irving is in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Sometimes it gets quite windy, othertimes the calm conditions are absolutely serene.

The new lamps bring a whole new look and feel to the Irving location.
The lower and more often used pedestal options would have been ok,
but these lamps are much taller (about seven feet) and give off more illumination. The safety and security of the location have both increased, and they look terrific too.

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Tamás said...

In the second photo from the top, the skyline is not that different from the venetian one, if seen from a distance: four-story buildings with lots of windows. So it's quite fitting for a scenery.