Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Boicotta Coca Cola"

I snapped this shot along the Grand Canal near the Ponte Scalzi.
The stencil and the "Boicotta" message initially caught my eye, but the symbol in black below and the circle with a crooked arrow through it still have me curious.
Oh, and it appears that someone likes Arafat...and someone else doesn't.


emilia said...

come to see something in my blog :)

Tamás said...

> come to see something in my blog

You mean this? Dove-a-Cola? That's funny!

By the way: once upon a time in the 1950s, Coca-Cola company executives visisted the Pope in Rome and asked him to include their soft drink product in the Lord's Prayer.

The pontiff said that was plain impossible, even though the execs offered a 50 million dollar "pious donation".

Coca-Cola Co. then sent spies to the Vatican, trying to find out how much the Bakers' Guild had paid for a mention of the daily bread...

emilia said...

:) Coca-Cola story :-)

Tamás said...

It appears Coca-Cola has finally overtaken Venice, boycott or not:

"Palazzo Cocale"