Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blessing in the "Big Easy"

Robert Dula just sent me this gem of a photo:

photo by Chris Granger from The Times-Picayune

It was taken Saturday, July 10th at New Orleans City Park.
The man blessing the gondola is "Deacon Bob".

Just to be clear - Robert Dula goes by many names, including "Roberto" and "Hurricane Bob", but he is not "Deacon Bob".

Our favorite southern gondolier writes:
"It was a blazing 102 degrees in the Big Easy, when 'Bella Mae' was reintroduced to the lagoons of City Park. After councilman Arnie Felkow (the man responsible for keeping The Saints in NOLA, after Katrina) said a few words, Deacon Bob gave a heartfelt blessing and NOLA Gondola was back, doing what we do best...
Celebrating Life ~ Celebrating Love"

Congratulations Roberto, and thanks for the great photo and story!

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Anonymous said...

roberttttt! you're so awesome. :D