Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ferros at San Trovaso

While walking around Dorsoduro, I dropped in on Squero San Trovaso.
Forget anything you've heard about the old squero being deserted or shut down - it's alive and well, with gondolas and other Venetian craft being built or serviced all over the property.

I'm not sure whether they allow just anybody to walk in there. I mumbled something in Italian about having a gondola of my own back in California, and they let me come in. Don't know if they believed me or just thought I was an idiot - either way, it got me and my camera in the door.

Behind the boats you can see the residence.
It has a more Tyrolean style as many of the original sqerarioli came from an area in the mountains known as the "Cadore".
above the residence you can see the campanile of the church of San Trovaso.

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Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Nice ferros! BTW, what is the proper thickness of a ferro? Maybe 2/3 inch or even less? If the weight of a modern ferro is about 20 kilos, it must be like a blade.

I forgot to measure it during the visit, but guess it should be less than 1 millimeter thick when building an 1:20 scale model gondola?

Thanks in advance!